Joining the Vintage Sellers Community means agreeing to a few house rules for our common spaces. This helps us to maintain our welcoming and inclusive culture.

Our mission is to be an essential and central space for vintage vendors, antique dealers and secondhand goods resellers across all sales channels to engage, learn, collaborate and grow.

The full code of conduct is inside the community platform and applies to all of The Vintage Seeker’s spaces, including this community, our website, mailing lists, social media channels, webinars and events, both online and in person.

Any member who violates this code of conduct may be suspended or banned from these spaces at the discretion of The Vintage Seeker.

1. Be kind and empathetic.

Everyone is here to learn, to connect or to grow their resale business. Healthy discussion involves a variety of viewpoints, but we do not condone mean, offensive or rude language. Be kind, always.

2. Be welcoming.

When new members join, say hello and make them feel at home! Not everyone has the same level of knowledge on products and design history, the industry, running a business, selling or social media.

This is why we encourage the collective sharing of resources and expertise. Even longtime sellers may learn something new from sellers who are just getting established. They often have experience in other areas they draw from.

Everyone who has been admitted into the community belongs here, no matter what stage they are at. Everyone’s contributions are valued and appreciated.

This is a safe space and we have a zero-tolerance policy for cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, threats or hate speech based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, immigration status, national origin, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, body size, education, experience, physical or mental health or ability, neurodiversity, or personal appearance.

3. Be supportive.

We all contribute to a positive, motivational atmosphere. When someone shares a win, a challenge or a loss, be there for them!

4. Be real.

Reselling/vending is a lot of fun, but it’s not easy. We’re here to talk truths: the good, the bad and the ugly. The great times, the difficult times and the times we feel like giving up. Be open to listening, and share when you feel comfortable doing so — it helps everyone feel less alone.

5. Be constructive and specific.

When offering feedback to members, avoid negativity. Offer concrete suggestions that will help the person, and try to always mention parts that you like about what they’ve shared, too.

6. Be honest and act with integrity.

If you are engaging with another seller, be honest and transparent (e.g. if you've responded to an "in search of" post but find you no longer have the item available, etc.). Always let the person on the other end know what's going on.

No solicitation or spam, and no selling activities outside of the designated area. You may share your website or shop if it’s relevant to your question or response, or if it’s part of your introduction to the community.

Do not share affiliate links where you receive a kickback for clicks without a clear reason, and identify it if you do.

7. Be helpful.

We believe we are better together — as a community and as an industry. The more we share our resources and expertise, the stronger our community becomes. #CommunityOverCompetition!

8. Be true to the purpose of this community.

This community is for vintage and antiques dealers and independent resellers, so most conversation will revolve around related topics. Sometimes, politics play a role in those conversations (i.e. environment and sustainability, human rights, industry regulations, social justice and issues, etc.).

While political discussion is not off-limits, it must be focused on what's relevant to the secondhand goods/resale industry. We are not here to debate positions/sides, criticize or disparage political parties or leaders, question each other’s beliefs, tear each other down, or pressure each other to comment. This is not a social media platform where anything goes.

9. Be respectful.

Be respectful with your language, tone and tolerance of other viewpoints, and also of the fact this is a private community. We aim to create a culture of trust and openness, and we encourage our members to share their innermost thoughts and feelings. The conversations that happen in these spaces are private.

Do not share anything that violates the privacy of members of this community, including screenshots, images or transcripts of communication on these channels (e.g. posts, DMs, questions, event transcripts, member directory, etc. that contains legible images, names, bio details or written content by members) without prior consent.

10. Be curious.

There are no stupid questions, thoughts or posts. This is a judgment-free zone and a chance for us to test things out, learn by trial and error, and let go of perfectionism.

We are dedicated to thoughtful and productive discussion.

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Legal disclaimer

By being part of this community, you agree to not hold Kristina Urquhart, The Vintage Seeker team, the Circle platform or other community members responsible or liable for any business losses or damage that may arise directly or indirectly from your membership. Any advice or guidance via discussion, articles and events from members, admin and external experts is delivered with the best intent. It is each member’s responsibility to carry out their own due diligence before applying their learnings as they relate to their specific shop, local/national laws and any legal or financial circumstances. Opinions expressed by members or guest speakers on this platform do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kristina Urquhart, The Vintage Seeker or the Vintage Sellers Community. Members are encouraged to abide by a common values statement, but Kristina Urquhart, The Vintage Seeker and the Vintage Sellers Community are not responsible for the actions of members anywhere outside of the platform. Aside from member posts, any published content that appears in the Vintage Sellers Community and is not otherwise credited is © Kristina Urquhart/The Vintage Seeker.