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The ultimate community for professional vintage sellers and ambitious side hustlers

Expert-led workshops

Supportive community

Biz tools and resources

The thrift gods have answered your prayers

Being a vintage seller is not for the faint of heart. You have to have a real passion to walk this path.

From sourcing pre-loved treasures to researching maker marks to dealing with the death pile that's clogging up your living room...

We see you!
(and we have good news)

You don't have to struggle to figure everything out on your own. You can tap into our collective knowledge and reach your goals faster.

Sneak a peek inside our closet

The holy grail for your vintage business

We are on a mission to help vintage sellers live out their dream of turning their passion into profit, and we believe in the power of collective knowledge and peer support to get you there!

The community is here to provide you with the tools, expertise and support you need to not just survive, but THRIVE as a seller.

Whether you are dreaming BIG and on the cusp of turning your side-hustle into a full-time income...


You are a seasoned pro who has been in the biz for decades (and has the patina to show for it) — we know you are serious about building a true biz around your love of all things vintage and secondhand.

If the idea of talking shop and learning from other vintage sellers in a non-competitive, collaborative environment gets you excited (us too)......

keep reading!

Expert-led workshops

Each month we bring in subject-matter experts to help you tackle everything from taxes to social media marketing and beyond.

Say goodbye to endless googling!

Tailor-made resources

Need a social media calendar? Not sure how to promote your shop on Pinterest? Chances are we have the cure for what ails you inside...

Downloads, guides and more to help you grow!

Community hangs

The #vintagelife can be lonely. Our community hangs are the place to talk shop and meet other amazing sellers like you.

You don’t have to do this alone!

Included in your community membership

Taxes for sellers

On-page SEO for sellers

Pinterest for sellers

Product photography for sellers

Financial planning for sellers

Social media strategy for sellers

...and more!

“It was my first-ever investment”

The Vintage Sellers Community was the very first investment I made in my business. Paying for the membership unlocked a mindset shift and I started to think more like a business owner. It encouraged me to level up. I love the useful resources inside the community and appreciate that they are tailor-made specifically for the unique challenges that vintage sellers face.

Brigid Milway
What, These Old Things?

“I see being part of the Vintage Sellers Community as an investment in my shop. I find the info sessions and online chats incredibly informative, with lots of stuff I can plough directly back into my biz.”

Connie Jeske Crane
Mama Vintage Home

Folks who live and breathe vintage aren't exactly the mainstream (just yet!). But they also aren't alone. I've already made several new acquaintances which will no doubt lead to some friendships. Kristina has a knack for matching up interests and skills within the group to help the members level up, and ultimately grow the community even larger.

Josie W.
Tchotchkes Vintage & Thrift

The Vintage Sellers Community came along at just the right time for me and my small business...I felt ready to dive deeper into my brand, expand on a few big ideas, and start taking my shop more seriously. The community is the perfect place to meet like-minded people who could help.

Sarah Fraser
Sarah Renée

From member chats to workshops on VERY important topics and everything in between, I always gain so much from my participation big or small. I am grateful to be involved in this group and would highly recommend the VSC to sellers at any level in their career!

Brigid Milway
What, These Old Things?

Feel seen and heard

in a safe, competition-free space

“It’s my safe haven”

I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, and the most difficult thing about it is not being able to talk to people who are going through the same thing as you, or who are maybe a little ahead of the game. The Vintage Sellers Community is a safe space, away from social media, where I know I can share my ideas. It’s my safe haven.

Carina Fato
UnVaulted Vintage

“Being a part of this community has taught me so much and provided me with a whole new sense of being a business owner! I didn’t realize how much I’d get from the group until I joined! I’ve taken away way more than I ever expected, so it’s a wonderful surprise.”

Courtney Schur
Carmine & Hayworth Vintage

“It’s so helpful to connect with other shop owners, and it’s 100% collaboration over competition! Each community member brings a unique skillset to the platform, allowing us to lean on each other for expertise and encouragement while we help grow the circular economy. I am so grateful for this community — it’s my new favourite find!”

Megan Harris
Wild Ways Vintage

Member spotlight

“I had an eye for it.

I was working as a product photographer at the time.

I was very good at sourcing cool props. When people started to ask to buy them, I knew I was onto something. Then COVID hit and my photography business suffered. I was half forced/half inspired to follow my passion and get serious about vintage as a business.

I’m so glad I did.

Today, I run Lemon’s Loot full time and am working hard on making this a sustainable and profitable business for me and my family.”

Ashlee Mueller
Lemon’s Loot
“Now, I’m able to put money back into our house. I’m able to pay my bills and able to still have fun so that’s all I could ask for.”

How does this work exactly?

Once you become a member you get instant access to the full community portal.

We will welcome you, show you around and introduce you to the rest of the crew.

From there the sky is the limit!

You can deep-dive into our resource library, meet other members, attend our community events and special workshops, join challenges and more...

When you join the community you unlock...

full community access
expert workshops and event replays
private discussion forums
exclusive guides and templates
members directory
community calls
members-only newsletter
speaking & promo opportunities
member spotlights
discounts for The Vintage Seeker events
official member badge


Perfect for sellers who love saving money while getting all the perks
$17 CAD / mo*
Instant access to everything in the Vintage Sellers Community, including expert webinars, private discussions and exclusive resources
Support independent publishing in your industry
No-questions-asked money-back guarantee
It’s like getting three months free!
Bonus! 20-minute video audit of your shop’s web/social copy
**Outside Canada? Join here & pay in USD
*In Canada: $199 CAD/billed once a year.
**Outside Canada: $169 USD/billed once a year. Includes a 14-day money-back guarantee.


A cashflow-friendly monthly option for sellers who love flexibility
$22 CAD / mo*
Instant access to everything in the Vintage Sellers Community, including expert webinars, private discussions and exclusive resources
Support independent publishing in your industry
Cancel anytime
*Outside Canada? Join here & pay in USD
In Canada: $22 CAD billed each month.
*Outside Canada: $18 USD/billed monthly. Anytime cancellation.
A portion of annual proceeds are donated to charity. Looking for a gift subscription? Click here.
“I love the endless knowledge everyone shares and the genuine support. Kristina, you’ve made such a cool space for this vintage world to live. You’ve connected so many of us across the country. Vintage lovers unite!”

Holly Ostler
Elizabeth O. Vintage

“Everyone is super real about their successes and struggles with one another. It truly creates such a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.”

Lindsay Reynolds
Habit Vintage

“I've found a community with members that are supportive, knowledgeable, funny, and know exactly what I’m going through on my vintage-selling journey — it’s a place where I can ask any question and know I won’t be judged.”

Ryan Mapa
Var & Vitchen


Do I have to be a seller to join the Vintage Sellers Community?

You must be a seller operating an online, bricks-and-mortar/booth or market/event-based shop in the lifestyle resale space (e.g. fashion and accessories, jewellery, decor, housewares, furniture, streetwear, toys and collectibles, ephemera, or related subsets).

We welcome new sellers and established sellers. You’ll need to fill out a short questionnaire when joining so we can verify that you’ve been selling (even if you’re just getting started).

I sell thrifted, contemporary pre-loved, or antique items. Do I have to sell vintage to join the Vintage Sellers Community?

No. As long as you are a reseller of secondhand goods in the categories mentioned in the prior question, you may join.

“Vintage” is the word that applies to the most people — antique is older than 100 years, and Etsy defines vintage as older than 20 years.

That puts the “vintage” range between the early 1920s and the early 2000s, so we expect most sellers likely have some vintage in their inventory.

Can I join the Vintage Sellers Community at any time?

Yes. Once you identify that you are a verified seller, you can start enjoying the benefits of your membership.

I don’t have a lot of time to participate. What do I need to do?

There are no participation requirements! We send a weekly email digest so you can stay on top of whatever is happening in the community, and we tag you in discussions if we feel you might have something to add. You can attend live events or not — everything is recorded for you to go back to at a time that works for you, and you can browse through the resources at your own pace. We support you being busy selling! This is not like a social media group where you need to check in all the time.

If you want to make checking in part of your regular routine, that’s great. But you can also use the emails or customize your notifications to stay on top of what’s going on. When you can, keep us in the loop with your wins and let us share in your challenges. That’s what makes this community special. The VSC is an ongoing resource and a network, not homework or an item on your never-ending to-do list!

I already have my own group of vintage-selling buddies. Why do I need this?

The Vintage Sellers Community is more than a community. It’s a networking, professional development and social group. The friendship and camaraderie is just but one part of the VSC — importantly, we organize speakers from all areas of business to help sellers with running or improving their shop operations, and create dedicated resources to complement.

It’s our firm belief that connecting sellers across cities and regions is important for the growth and health of the industry. Connecting with people outside of our day-to-day groups leads to collaborations, idea-sharing and new opportunities — all of which are important as we collectively navigate the post-pandemic resale landscape.

Is this community hosted on social media (i.e. Facebook)?

Nope! The Vintage Sellers Community uses a customized platform that allows us to host recorded events, provide searchable message boards and chat functions, and store content and videos, all in a private online space. If you’re familiar with Facebook, you’ll find the interface to be similar. The platform can be accessed by desktop, mobile browser or app.

You’ll be able to connect with each other away from the algorithms — and keep track of all of your discussions! Once you’re inside the community, we have an onboarding process that will bring you on a full tour of the platform and walk you through how to participate.

How much does joining the Vintage Sellers Community cost?

For Canadian residents, membership works out to CA$16.58/month on our annual plan (CA$199/year). If you choose a monthly Canadian subscription, it’s CA$22/month.

For US and international residents, membership is US$14.08/month on our annual plan (US$169/year). If you choose a monthly US/international subscription, it’s US$18/month.

Choose your local currency to avoid fees. There are no tiers or upsells inside.

Members can cancel at any time (please see the refund policy below).

A portion of annual membership fees is donated to select charitable organizations that redistribute secondhand goods or that support small business owners. In 2022, that organization was Dress for Success. In 2023, we donated to The Shoebox Project.

Why is there a fee for this? How is the fee used?

This is a learning, business development and networking-focused community run by The Vintage Seeker, which is an independent publisher.

The monthly fee covers the overhead of engaging and coordinating speakers from various industries to create and present seller-specific material every month, producing original resources for members (templates, public-facing sales opportunities such as email promotions, etc.), and the technology stack to deliver it all.

To compare, the average price to attend a single online workshop or webinar with an expert typically ranges anywhere from $50-$300. We offer a minimum of 12 expert sessions a year, plus all of the other programming that comes with the membership.

A portion of our membership fees is donated annually to charities that redistribute secondhand goods and/or support small, independent businesses.

There are no upsells or tiers. Once a member joins, they have access to the entire space.

What’s the refund policy?

While we are confident that you will find great value in the Vintage Sellers Community, members can request a refund within 14 days of their approval to join the community.

After these 14 days, refunds cannot be processed. The Vintage Seeker reserves the right to remove any member who does not meet the eligibility requirements and issue a refund.

You may cancel your subscription at any time and you will only be billed for your current billing period.

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. You will receive access to the community until the end of your billing period, whether you have a monthly or annual subscription.

Will you repost my social media content if I'm part of the community?

We work hard to produce original educational content and dedicated sales initiatives to drive awareness of our members.

We spotlight our members through participation-optional member profiles, and we will repost some educational content produced by our members if relevant to our wider audience.

We also offer ongoing promotional opportunities as part of our membership throughout the year, including e-marketing.

We don’t repost all of the social media content, sales and promotions of our members. There are many local social media–based groups that use hashtags to repost content about products, sales and promotions, and we encourage you to use them! Members are also free to self-organize their own reposting initiatives.

What are the promotional opportunities you offer members?

Currently, we offer participation-optional member spotlights on social media and thevintageseeker.ca. We also occasionally re-share educational social media content from our members if it’s relevant to our audience.

We also offer the opportunity to advertise one of your shop’s goings-on or sales in a dedicated VSC promotional blast to our email list three times a year, and a page in our annual Gift Guide digital magazine.

The onus is on members to take advantage of these opportunities when prompted. If a member leaves the community before a planned promotional opportunity arrives, they forfeit their participation.

Is the Vintage Sellers Community managed by a seller?

Nope. The admin is neither a reseller nor a coach. Kristina Urquhart is an editor and B2B publishing professional who brings in external experts (i.e. social media strategists and web designers) to talk to the community.

She creates original resources for the VSC, helps to facilitate their conversations through member matching, moderates group discussions and develops workshops to highlight our member shops. She pursues industry partnerships on the members’ behalf. She makes space to promote member activities on her existing platforms for The Vintage Seeker.

The community is founded on all of this alongside the direction and expertise of its seller members.

Do I need to be located in Canada to join?

No! We welcome members from everywhere. The common experience of selling brings the group together, and trading information across borders is extremely valuable.

Note that at this time, occasional sessions may contain information applicable to Canadian residents only (e.g. certain elements of a tax presentation), but in those cases we will do our best to offer alternate content for our international membership.

Who owns this community?

The contributions and guidance of our members inform the direction of the community. But the Vintage Sellers Community brand is owned and managed by The Vintage Seeker, an online resource for sellers and shoppers of secondhand.

I have questions not answered on this page. Who should I contact?

We’re here for you! Email us or, if you aren't sure about joining yet and want to chat, book an intro call to learn more about the community.

Ready to invest in you and your shop?

Join us